Saturday, 12 November 2011


I am happy to report that I am writing again.

In real terms it has only been a few months since I finished my novel and passed it with trembling hands to the first of my test readers.  It has felt like a lifetime.

Between post-Disney exhaustion, the endless drama of the Day Job and the emotional trauma of that most dreaded of questions – “are you all organised for Christmas?” – I was beginning to suspect that I would see the start of a new year before I would see a new story. 

I have the frustration and stress of working life to thank for my progress, though.  (Now there’s something I never thought I say!)  After a particularly distressing few days at work I found an escape in sitting down and writing a rough outline for a story that’s been tumbling around in my head for a while now.  And once I’d started I couldn’t stop. 

I’m tackling this new story in a slightly different way than the last one, which was written with only the barest hint of a plan.  That’s not to say I went in completely unaware of where I was headed, but I felt that the story changed as I was writing it, and in the end turned out quite differently than I’d expected (though I’m pretty happy with the result!)  This time I thought I’d try plotting out the story a little more thoroughly, perhaps even put together a full outline before I start to write. 

It feels unbelievably good to have my computer on for something other than job hunting or looking at houses I would buy if I won the lottery (an unhealthy hobby if ever there was one.)  I’ve always thought of writing as something I wanted to do, and I’m only now realising it might be something I need to do. 

It also feels like the next few months are going to be an exciting time.  I’ll be putting the finishing touches to my first novel and making the final adjustments, reading it and reading it again before I face the terrifying prospect of sending it to an agent (and the even more terrifying prospect of letting my best friend read it!)  I’ll also be bringing the new story to life.  I won’t say too much about the plot for the time being, but I can say this – there’s a reason the title of this blog is “What Happens in Hayden.”

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