Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Lacking in Life Skills Part 2

When I posted part 1, I really never expected that I would find an example for part 2 quite so quickly. . .

A little bit of background first. . .my house is cursed.  Not the fun kind of curse, the kind with the ghosts and demons and Zelda Rubinstein telling me this house is clean.  That kind of curse I could live with.   I, however, have the other kind - the kind with broken boilers, storm-damaged walls, faulty electrics, a pipe that emits a very alarming humming sound at all hours of the night.  On second thoughts, maybe this is the first kind. . .

It’s just one of those houses - in some ways it has brought us nothing but bad luck since we moved in, and today’s latest episode of Adventures At My House has highlighted another piece of useful information that, until today, I did not possess. . .how to turn off the water in the event of a flood!

After a thorough soaking, a few tears and a little bit of an argument over left versus right, I am happy to report that this is a basic life skill I have now mastered (and I hasten to add that the flood was not of my making!) 

Coming soon (hopefully). . .how to fix a broken kitchen tap!

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